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ARC Review: Never Let You Go by Katy Regnery

Title: Never Let You Go
Author: Katy Regnery
Series: A Modern Fairy Tale #2
Genres: NA, Contemporary, Romance
Publication: June 12th, 2015

Summary (Goodreads):
In this modern retelling of “Hansel and Gretel,” 13-year-old foster children, Holden and Griselda, escape from their abductor after three years of brutal captivity and try to cross the Shenandoah River on foot. Tragically, one of them makes it to safety but the other is left behind.

Ten years later, Griselda’s boyfriend drags her to a fight club grudge match where her world is turned upside down when she watches Holden step into the ring.

Though the connection between them is fierce, bitter regret, simmering rage and a cache of physical and emotional scars lie between them, just as dangerous as the whitewater of the Shenandoah.

Never Let You Go is a story of fear and hope, defeat and survival, and two people - once profoundly broken – who discover that love is the onlything that can make them whole again. 

This is a standalone novel inspired by Hansel & Gretel. New Adult Contemporary Romance: Due to profanity, scenes of physical abuse and very strong sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18. (Note: children are not sexually abused in this book.)

For June and July 2015, 25% of all gross royalties will be donated to the Elizabeth Smart Foundation. 

(The next standalone a m o d e r n f a i r y t a l e novel, Ginger’s Heart, inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, will be released in Winter 2015/2016.)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Never Let You Go is part of the a m o d e r n f a i r y t a l e collection, which will include five standalone, unrelated novels:

"The Vixen and the Vet" (Beauty & the Beast) - available now
"Never Let You Go" (Hansel & Gretel) - available June 2015
"Ginger's Heart" (Little Red Riding Hood) - available TBD
"Don't Speak" (The Little Mermaid) - available TBD

My Thoughts:

**An eARC was provided in exchange of an honest review**

Oh, gosh, this book guys! You know those kind of books that you know are going to be painful, but once you read them you realize that it's a whole other world of pain waiting or you? This was the case for me when I started Never Let You Go. I knew it was angsty and an emotional roller coaster and it would most likely make me cry, but I didn't know how much this book would affect me.

Never Let You Go is told from both Holden and Gris' third POVs, told ten years after the day one of them escaped from their abductor and the other remained behind. Back then when they were ten to thirteen years old, they survived because of each other and clung to the hope that one day, someone would find them and free them and they would get to be together. When three years go by and nobody comes, they take it into their own hands to escape, but while Gris makes it, Holden gets caught. Now, ten years later, it's the memory of each other that keeps them alive, barely hanging on, until they meet again, and hope is rekindled. But life isn't easy or fair, and they both have changed. When it seems like the whole world is determined to keep them apart, it's only trust that will save them.

I loved this book. Absolutely adored it, and could not put it down. It may have taken me a few days to finish it, but it wasn't because I was too bored or couldn't bring myself to read another word. I found myself sneaking in any word I could whenever I had one free second, and sometimes, I'd stay up 'till four in the morning reading Never Let You Go. It's written is such a beautiful way, it gripped my attention and mind and held on and had me in tears pretty much all the time. My god, I bawled like a baby every few pages. Gris and Holden didn't seem to get a break. Life was so hard for them, first when they were young and living in foster homes, and then when they were kidnapped and abused and then they get ripped apart from each other only to spend the next ten years feeling dead inside. You'd think that once they found each other, all would be good and fine, but nooo. Life has other plans for them and it kept throwing curveballs at them.

Through it all, Holden and Gris never doubted their love for each other. They wanted to be together, yet at the same time they were afraid to hope. They'd been hurt enough times and ripped away from each other even more, so the thought of getting a happily ever after while enticing was scary to them. Their relationship and feelings for each other just about gutted me. They made me so emotional. One second I was swooning over them and things they did and said to each other, and the next, I was crying because they just did such beautiful things.

This book had me on my toes all the time, not knowing to expect and yet knowing that something bad, or worse, was going to happen. While the surprises just kept on coming until somewhere around 90% of the book, I still felt like the plot unfolded very slowly. I loved the authors writing and the story, but the pacing wasn't something I enjoyed and there were few moments where I got distracted.

Nonetheless, this book is one of my favorite reads of 2015. It's a compelling tale of love and hope and trust and I recommend it for anyone looking for a book that will make you sigh and cry and swoon and giggle.

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